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Scuba Diving off Point Pleasant Beach, NJ

The Point Pleasant Beach area offers divers a diverse ecological underwater experience. Here are a few helpful tips that will make your adventures here more enjoyable.

"The Railroad Bridge" section of Gull Island Park is an area commonly used for training by a few dive shops. This area is good for the novice or for someone who just needs to get their fins wet. To dive this area, high tide is strongly recommended. The visibility generally runs from under a foot to eight feet.

The Manasquan Inlet offers some of the best shore diving around. One problem can be the challenge of entering the water. Diving is only permitted east of an imaginary line drawn from Ocean Avenue across the inlet. Be advised, this area should only be entered by competent shore divers. Some enter the water where the cement bulkhead ends and the dolis rocks begin but many others enter closer to the fenced area. Again, the tide here is extremely important. You will find that the true slack tide of this area is about 1 hour after the published tide timetables. Divers should only enter the water here just prior to slack high tide and keep close to their flag. There are some great crevices between the dolis area that holds a variety of sea life year round. Remember to use extreme caution when diving this area.

The NJ Shore offers Beach divers many wrecks and obstructions to dive. Point Pleasant Beach is one of the lesser-used areas. There is a wreck lying about 100 yards off the beach in the southern section of town. This dive can be disappointing to those seeking a traditionally thought of "wreck". The outline of the hull of the wreck can be seen but is often missed. Location and information can be found at most local dive shops.

What to do on your dive? Spear Fishing is slowly becoming a popular sport. A spear allows the fisherman to selectively choose his fish. There are three popular types of spear guns available. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages. For larger fish a pneumatic gun provides power and accurate shooting. One disadvantage to this type of "gun" is the difficulty of reloading in the water. For medium sized fish, a band spear provides sufficient power. One distinct advantage to band spears is the ability to reload. For smaller less aggressive fish you can't beat a pole spear. A pole spear is always ready to use and can be very useful in rocky areas.

When spearing use common sense and follow these rules.


  1. Always keep your gun on safety until ready to fire.
  2. Never point your gun toward other divers.
  3. Always look to see what is beyond the fish
  4. Never shoot a fish you do not recognize.
  5. Never shoot a fish of questionable size.
  6. Pull the trigger as you breathe in.
  7. Follow all rules of diving.
  8. Be careful not to ascend quickly.
Thanks to New York Harbor, the Jersey Shore is famous for its wreck diving. During a wreck dive, you will experience a variety of sea life. There are a few boats that offer diving departing from Point Pleasant Beach. Typically offered are weekend two tank dives and a mid week one tank night dive.

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